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Ramaphosa Receives Strong Warnings From ANC Combradea After Failing To Do This ||See Why



The people of South Africa have been wondering and thinking about whether Cyril Ramaphosa is the best perfect candidate to be given a second term as president of the ANC. This is because the Radical Economic Transformation and some ANC members are in denial about it.

This is because they have raised a lot of issues that are still not solved under the presidency of Ramaphosa. The issue of unemployment and poverty in the country are two of the things that are pulling the country down. This is because only 2.5 million people are still working while more than a billion citizens have been retrenched due to the upbringing of the pandemic.

It has now been more than two years since the Covid-19 virus has been preying on the innocent lives of South Africans. This is because a lot of people were not used to living under the new normal living of the virus. It includes wearing a mask and always maintaining a social distancing from loved ones. These are things that are considered why some people disagree with giving Ramaphosa a second term as president.

Ramaphosa receives a strong warning from the ANC KZN comrades after failing to do this. This is because in his leadership he has failed to find ways and solutions of how people of South Africa can thank him. This includes eliminating the rise of unemployment and the rising use of corrupt leaders in the party.

This is because more than a billion state funds were looted under the watch of Ramaphosa. Even though some of them were suspended but still the money that was stolen hasn't been paid back of which is a big worry to the country.

What is your intake on this and why?

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