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Pretoria gets warned: An HIV positive lady is pressing the virus to each and every man


Often times when a guy meet a girl these days , they first have to ask each other of their status as we leave in the world that is rotten . If you don’t ask the status of someone you are going to have an intercourse with then you should not blame anyone when you find out that you are sick in few months .

A girl by the name of Gontse in Soshanguve is apparently sleeping with every man infecting them if HIV, lady to the brother who was the victims happened to have passed away because of the infection came forward to warn other people . Tweeps were making comments that these days it’s not anyone’s duty to tell them about the safety of using the protections when getting intimate with each other .

We have been taught about HIV long time ago and now it’s not the time to blame anyone of this . The guy who decided to sleep with Gontse without wearing a condom is the one who needs to be blamed . Let’s not blame anyone for not taking any safe precautions, we know that a person is either sick or not and you can not identify a sick person by just looking at her .

It is always safe to get to know someone’s status before you decided to hit on without protection, protect your self and the person your are with . Gontse did not do anything wrong here . This will teach men to start being responsible for their own actions .

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