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Can you get great legs just by jogging and sprinting?

These are your legs.

You owe them a lot, as they’ve carried you for many years.

To get “great legs” you want to have fairly even development between the major muscle groups-quads (front of thigh), adductors (inner thigh), abductors (outer hip), hamstrings (back of thigh), calves (back of lower leg), and glutes (butt).

You also want to be fairly lean in order to show off what’s underneath your subcutaneous fat. How big you want them is up to you and will have a big impact on whether sprinting is enough.

Let’s start by throwing jogging out the window. It’s not only useless for leg development, it’s almost certainly counterproductive, as it is a MUSCLE WASTING EXERCISE. To get great legs, you need muscle and can’t be burning it off jogging around like a pony.

You want to be sprinting like a gazelle. Or cheetah. Or whatever fast animal you like.

Now, moving on to sprinting. It’s great, and I do it all the time. It works the glutes, hamstrings, with a bit of quads.

It also works some muscles that lifting weights typically doesn’t develop much, including the hip flexors, calves, anterior tibalis and the tensor fasciae latae. Sprinters legs usually look very distinct-they often have a well developed vastus medialis. This is known as the “teardrop” muscle on the inside of the knee.

So, which muscles are left underdeveloped by sprinting on flat ground?

Primarily most of the quads.

One possible solution would be to add hill sprints. This shifts the emphasis from the posterior chain (BACK of the body, hamstrings and glutes) to the anterior chain (FRONT of the body, quads and hip flexors). It also hammers the calves as well, as there is more range of motion and stretch due to the angle of footstrike and toe-off.

If you are satisfied with your leg development after a few months, you can just stick with sprinting and hill sprints.

If you still feel like your legs are lacking size, resistance training is in order. Sprinting and hill sprints will get you some muscle as they are under tension, but lifting weights is far better for building size.

A combination of front squats for the glutes and quads

Back squats for the glutes and quads as well

Bulgarian split squats for the glutes, quads, hamstrings and glute medius.

Romanian deadlifts (no idea why half of these have eastern European names) for the hamstrings and glutes.

Assuming that your diet is in check., that should be all you need to build a ridiculously good looking pair of legs. You can add in other variations of squatting and deadlifting, but those few above will get you the most bang for your buck.

Good luck on your LEGendary quest!

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