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Watch: How To Use Cocoyam Leaves ‘Kontomire’ For Spiritual Protection

Use Cocoyam Leaves 'Container' Air Protection.

In this article, I will give you spiritual resources for using the Akan 'Kontomire' to wage spiritual warfare.

The famous kontomire leaf is found in the cocoyam leaves.

They are very nutritious in the fight against high blood pressure when you make your daily diet.

All you have to do is add a few leaves to your diet while cooking, grilling onion and pepper and enjoy with palm oil or fritol oil.

Most people use it to treat diabetes by digesting it.

For diabetic patients, get plenty of Kontomire leaves and rinse with water. Add the nourishing water and boil the water for ten minutes.

Just add a little milk to it to taste better or if you can use it without anything.

Make sure you do it in the morning and in the evening. Keep doing this for 20 days or more depending on how humorous your situation is.

You will be free of diabetes within a month.

You can keep using it from time to time to fully cure your other diabetes problems.

Spiritual fitness

Many people constantly complain about the fortunes that surround their lives.

Whatever they do, it goes with them and always ends up on the negative side of life.

That means the victim is surrounded by evil spirits who do not want him to succeed.


Get a few cocoyam leaves, and rub them in a few seconds.

First, wash it thoroughly before roasting to make sure nothing is contaminated.

Roast two leaves and place them in front of the door leading to your bedroom.

After bathing, stand on it with both legs. One walks, the other leg says "all the evil spirits that surround my life, I destroy them with the leaves of my blood."

Your blood pressure is an old name for Cocoyam Leaves or Kontomire because it gives you more blood when you eat it.

The leaves will clean you from any evil spirits of infection from that day on.

Do this for seven days;

The leaves do not cure you from evil spirits but you drive them away so you can continue to do them whenever you feel unlucky in everything you do.

Do not do it for anyone because you cannot do it for someone else. Only a mother of twins can stand up for her twins.

Thus, the twins must be close to the mother before they can work.

Use your right leg for the little twin and the left leg for the older or older twins when you stand on the leaves.

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Cocoyam Kontomire


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