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TOUCHING | See Bodybuilders Whose Muscles Exploded

Some bodybuilders get so obsessed with building muscle that they'll take extra medications merely to get bigger. We'll look at the account of a bodybuilder whose muscles nearly exploded in this article.

Gregg Valentino, an American bodybuilder, was on the verge of losing his arm because his muscles had grown to be far too huge. This was due to his unlawful use of anabolic steroids.

For a long time, idiotic steroid users have given the sport of weightlifting a bad name. The general public today believes that jocks are the epitome of anabolic chemical addiction, with Gregg Valentino serving as the best example of this ineptitude. Valentino was all over the news and on TV between 2008 and 2011. He was betraying everyone.

That was the explanation for his 27-inch arms, which appeared ludicrously unnatural. While many people wanted to see the havoc he had wreaked on his body as a result of anabolic steroid use, weight lifters couldn't help but pay attention. No jock, on the other hand, ever approached him in a serious manner. His arms appeared to be stuffed with massive cotton balls, the ideal bundle for attracting TRPs and views on YouTube. It did, but since phoniness doesn't last long, Gregg's demise was also unavoidable.

Gregg was not a typical steroid user (began preparing in 1972). He has been preparing normally for over 25 years. He competed normally and, to his surprise, won a couple of competitions. Gregg's arms were now measured at an incredible 21 inches when he was at his finest. That is a rather noteworthy number for a typical jock.

It wasn't good enough for Gregg. He witnessed people who had spent a huge amount of his 'lifting age' becoming greater than him in a very short period of time. He subsequently fell to an incidence of 'Bigorexia,' as the wellness industry refers to it. An alternative name for anorexia, it refers to a medication-fueled desire to gain as much weight as humanly possible.

While individuals in the weightlifting community are well aware of the bad reputation'Synthol' has, Gregg took it to new heights. Synthol isn't a prescription drug. It's made of oil. It is injected immediately beneath the muscle tissue, where it sits and pushes the muscle upwards, making it appear larger and fuller. Despite the fact that its use is frowned upon, it is used by a large number of muscle heads. Gregg, on the other hand, never used it without assistance. Every week, he stacked it with 3000mg of equipoise and test propionate and infused it directly into the muscle.

He told Testosterone Nation in a conference that "Because it stretches the belt, Synthol only works one way. You receive the one-two punch with Equipoise and Propionate. You get a stretch from the oil, as well as a restricted development from the drugs themselves ", Jocks use equipose to increase their body's endurance, mass, and red platelet production. His 27-inch biceps screamed the results. He was an unappealing sight in any circumstance.


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