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A White Man Encourages South Africans To Get Vaccinated After Her Wife Died From COVID


There have been many conspiracies on the COVID-19 vaccine on whether they are really helpful or not. To be honest, it could go either way. Taking the COVID-19 vaccine is a game of chance because you'll never be sure of the outcome. It's without a doubt that there are people who have been injured and even killed by these vaccines meanwhile other people faced no symptoms at all after receiving the jab.

People seem to have misunderstood the purpose of the COVID-19 vaccine. There are people who believe that certain deaths could have been prevented had the COVID-19 vaccines been introduced earlier. There is absolutely no way that could be possible. When it's your time to die it can't be helped, taking or not taking the vaccine will not help you.

A certain man on Twitter shared his story on how his wife died because she didn't receive the vaccine. Here is what the tweet said, "My wife, Lee-Ann, got Covid around the time the vaccination window for her age group opened - so she wasn’t vaccinated. She died. She is gone. Life for my sons and I, her family, will never be same. If it can spare any other family the same loss & pain - please get vaccinated."

No one should be prompted to take the vaccine or not. It should all come down to that person to make their choice because at the end of the day they'll only be able to hold themselves responsible.

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