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Doctor. Peter TN drops a very helpful teaching about the STIs || here is what he said


Mr. Peter Taurai Newtons is a well trained doctor who has been working with several NGOs to help people understand the sexually transmitted infections commonly known as STIs. Mr. Peter has saved a lot of lives of young people especially those who are sexually active because they are people who are prone to the infections. Below is how he explains in detail about STIS.




"Basically these are infections transmitted through sex but not limited to penetrative sex, they are also transmitted through sexual activities such as kissing and all those foreplay related activities as well as at birth", he explained.

Scriptural Origin of STIs

Adams fall.

The fall of Adam as according to Genesis 3 and clearly revealed in Romans 5 are the cause of death (sickness is one of the vehicles through which death manifests). STIs are a sickness so they too are an aftermath of the fall of man and people die of STIs

Man exists as a threefold entity. Man is spirit, he has a soul and lives in a body. Adams fall led to the death of man spirit, soul and body and that is why when Jesus died to save man he died for man threefold, spirit, soul and body (1Tessalonians 5:23).

"I am making mention of this so that you can trace sickness (STIs) as a problem of the fall just like any other disease.Disease dwells in man's body because the life of an animal/man is in the blood" He stated

Are STIs a curse from God?

"No they are not. God didn't tell Adam that he would get sick but he mentioned to Adam that the consequence of his disobedience would be death and sickness is an instrument through which death manifests" he said.

"I am making mention of this because some think they caught an STI because they misbehaved right after Sunday service or Bible study and God is on their throat so to punish them they caught a disease" he concluded

We will look at that.

You can help a neighbor or relative or friend by the time we are done.

The Doctor took it in his Facebook account to discuss on the STIs

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