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Bad News to Vaccinated People, See What the Famous Prophet said about them.

A new sort of corona is headed to the United States, as predicted a long time ago. It'll arrive before the end of the year, at the latest. The virus could be very different from what we now have, therefore many people are concerned about the health of those who had immunizations. Does this necessitate a new vaccination? Take a look at a tweet from the mysterious prophet for some food for thought.

Recent years have seen a slew of conspiracy theories centered on vaccines and Covid. Conspiracy theories abound, with one claiming that immunizations cause autism. Those who have been inoculated will need to re-immunize as a result of an upcoming new virus. This is in line with what he said would happen. Once you've had your first shot, you'll have to get the rest of the shots in the exact same order. In a tweet, he said the following:

Apocalyptic messages from the prophet have been going out recently, urging everyone who will listen to stay away from the vaccination. Once he made his vaccination predictions, many people regarded them as holy. It is possible to employ his procedures if you have been vaccinated and want to remove the immunization from your body.

After hearing the prophet's vision about the virus that will drive people to re-vaccinate, those who had flushed out the first chemicals under the prophet's guidance pledged never to vaccinate again. Other people have said the following, and it's worth reading.

There's a lot we don't know about immunization and COVID-19, to be honest. Given that the government is already aware of the incoming virus, why not employ a vaccination that provides protection against all probable pandemics? What do you think should be done about this, in your mind? Will you receive another shot if we re-vaccinate? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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