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What is the best way to restore gut health?

What is the best way to restore gut health?

Image source: Science community defends effectiveness of probiotics


  1. The microbiome decides whether you will be healthy or sick. Antibiotic residues in beef and chicken can alter the microbiome. This allows toxic bacteria to establish themselves in your gut. This causes gut inflammation, eventually it leads to leaky gut syndrome. Now proteins and toxins can enter th bloodstream and cause the immune system to make antibodies against your own body cells. Autoimmune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroiditis and others are the next consequence. The blood/brain barrier is breaking down next and the brain hormones experience disbalance.
  2. This scenario is only known for about 10 years old and research is actively pursuing this topic. 3 years ago I wrote this answer in Quora regarding GMO foods and how they cause gut dysbiosis: Ray Schilling's answer to What is a genetically modified organism (GMO)?
  3. 3 years later I finished attending the 27th Anti-Aging Conference in Las Vegas. Many topics dealt with how bad, unhealthy food can permanently change our gut microbiome and cause diseases and premature mortality. Take probiotics (about 60 to 80 billion once daily); whenever possible buy organic fruit and vegetables. And eat food with fiber. Cut out sugar and processed foods as they can also affect your microbiome negatively.
  4. Probiotics are supplements that come in capsules. In it are gut friendly bacteria that easily mix with your own gut bacteria and bring your gut bacteria balance back. Typically there is a count of 30 billion to 80 billion friendly gut bacteria in one probiotic capsule. I take one capsule a day of 80 billion.

Previously published here: Ray Schilling's answer to How does your microbiome affect your health and well-being?

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