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OPINION : One ARV A Day Is Just Nothing, Than Costing Your Life.

HIV and aids is still a killer decease and it is very dangerous . Department of health always encourage people to go to their nearest clinics and test their statuses so that if found positive , you will start with taking your arvs and live a healthy lifestyle . 

One tablets per day . 

I honestly do not think , that taking one tablet a day would be a problem to you ? I don't think so , because the answer is clear , if you not taking your medication after finding out that , you are positive can lead to death . 

I've seen so many people living with HIV for years and they making sure that , they taking their medication well all the time and at a right time . 

Most of young stars or should I say youth is still not taking it easy to go for blood test , some they tell you , they are scared to get tested , which is totally wrong . Other people they go for blood test because , there is something that is forcing them to do so , it where they go for blood tests . 

The worse scenario for not testing , is that  You can find out late to get help , it better you get tested now before you get ill because , once you get too sick , ARVs won't help you at all . Better do things right . 

Practice safe sex , avoid touching blood . Live a healthy lifestyle , eat heathy all the time to help your body fight diseases in your body , drink lot of water and exercise more often . 

Positive people , you made a right choice by getting tested and get help before it too late . For testing and more information about HIV & AIDS visit your nearest clinic or visit organizations that are directly dealing with HIV and AIDS , testing and etc . They are trained to assist the communities about the pandemic . 

In ending , take your ARV and live a healthy life , do not be shy that you taking ARV , talk about it , if you comfortable with that .

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