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See medical plants and which illnesses they cure.

These are important medicinal plants that are found everywhere in India, here below there are a list of them...this includes their values and the illness they treat. A lot of people think pills are the only medication that can be used to cure certain illnesses and diseases, but there is something else.

1. Bael


The leaves of this tree assists in curing diarrhea, dysentery, constipation.

2. Tulsi


tulsi or basil leaves can help you get rid of cough, cold, bronchitis and loss of appetite.

3. Peppermint or pudina


It cures indigestion and heals bruises 

4. Henna or Mehndi


mehndi helps cure burns 

5. Neem


It works as a sedative and cure analgesic, epilepsy, hypertension

6. Cinnamon


dalchini or cinnamon helps get rid of pulmonary problems like bronchitis, asthma, and even cardiac disorder and fever.

7. Lavender

 it helps relieve pain, and when you put it on your cuts and bruises, it works as an antiseptic.

8. Marigold

 This herb helps to soothe ulcers as well as curing digestive problems.



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