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According to the institute, there were just 429 infections countrywide recorded in the past day.

Date : 05 October 2021

It has marked a year and months since the first case of corona virus was detected in South Africa. It still feels like a dream as we check on how time has passed and yet the virus is still around. Who would've have thought that it would even take a year while it is still around. We can tell that this has had devastating impacts on the lives of many people worldwide. As of today millions of people lost their loved ones who succumbed to this virus. Many are still in reeling as they lost parents, relatives and children. How painful it is to those who had to lose their loved ones.

Almost three million cases of corona virus were reported in South Africa. The first case of corona virus was detected last year March. Over eighty thousand people succumbed to this virus, may their souls rest in peace. Today we get to talk about some positive news regarding this pandemic in South Africa. It's good to know that the number of cases that were being reported daily have decreased.

Yesterday only 426 cases were confirmed. This shows some positivity because the country used to record over thousand of cases per day. Indeed a lot is changing and people are soon to go back to their normal life. This is really good because as number decreases many people get to vw safe from this pandemic.

We are now on alert level one where people are still being advised to follow Covid-19 regulations. The number of people to attend a funeral has increased including at gatherings. Businesses are now able to operate on a normal time. This also means that the economy of South Africa will soon be on a good state as businesses are now able to operate at any time. Share your views and follow for more news.

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