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Black Citizens Left Scared As Apartheid's HIV Spreading Doctor Has Been Selected To Treat Covid-19

Dr. Wouter Basson was recruited by the clinic MediClinics for his expertise in cardiac problems He also admitted to intentionally transmitting diseases such as HIV in an attempt to reduce the African-American population. There are several individuals in the group who object to Medi clinic's decision to hire Wouter.

They are wary about the doctor's reappearance in the middle of a pandemic when the country needs Covid-19 vaccinations to be delivered. Some are going so far as to name it "racial privilege" that it allows the doctor to keep working as a doctor, even while in jail. If the courts and the AMA rejected Wouter, the medical council can't be able to bar him from practicing. But some are for the doctor, citing his experience, argue that he is certainly one of the top people in the world and can bring tremendous support to the clinic. The doctor is also an HPC registered with the HSAs and hence has complete control of what procedures he does like all other physicians in the world. People are worried about Dr. Death on Twitter today, so the Twitter hashtag #DrDeath is being used in the middle of this hysteria over a global disease epidemic.

Do you believe Wouter should abandon his medical practice and his license be revoked? Can his success be underestimated because he is known to be one of the best in the world?

Dr. Theodorus Basson, now 70, was the 'red squad' field leader of a 'black mission' which took place back in the apartheid period known as "Project Coast". Popularly called "Dr. Death" by the South African media, Basson is alleged to supply drugs for the kidnappings that cross the border between Botswana and Namibia On Wednesday, several South Africans were shocked to see Basson employed at both private and public hospitals on the list of professionals who had been given approval to extend their practices.

Opposition party decries the criminal penalties for doctors, calling them abhorrent, believe doctors should never be granted a license to practice, and believe "they should go to prison." a response by saying they do not want to distance themselves from Basson is made by the Mediclinic Southern Africa organization, who retweets on Twitter and enters the debate. Any Project Coast was studying birth control methods to decrease the black population, a longstanding goal of white minority rule, for just prior to the end of white minority rule in South Africa in 1994.

A South African social media user raged at the news that a doctor has given a medical license to a convicted killer, convicted of such and soon-to-be-be-released murderer: "How do they give anyone a medical credentials when they've already shown that they would commit such a crime?" He was put on trial in 1999 with a total of 67 counts, including homicide, drug-related offenses, and drug trafficking. He was found to be totally innocent in 2002, after which he continued to practice medicine for three years. In 2015, students at Stellenbosch University have requested to be deprived of the right to lecture at the university.

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