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What It Means When Your Left Breast Is Bigger Than Your Right

Many people often complain about one breast being larger than another. In most women and also in fat or chubby men, the left breast is slightly smaller than the right breast. It is very common and affects over 60% of the world’s people. This condition is known as “breast asymmetry”. This occurs when one breast (left) is larger in size, volume, position and shape than the other breast. There are many possible scientific reasons why this happens and that is what I will share with you guys in this article today. Here are some of the reasons for the bottom line;

 1. Sad experiences.

 If a person goes through a series of traumatic experiences, it can lead to breast asymmetry. This has been proven by scientific research and study. Examples of traumatic experiences that can cause this condition include rape, kidnapping, human trafficking, attempted murder and more.

 2. Genetics.

 Genetic and hereditary factors can also play an important role in determining what the condition of a person’s breasts is. If a woman’s mother or grandmother has these unequal or unequal breasts, it is likely that she will develop them as well.

 3. Hormonal changes.

 Hormonal changes or weight loss is a major cause of breast inequality in individuals. If a person’s hormone or estrogen levels start to vary and are abnormal, it can affect the shape and size of a breast.

 4. Puberty.

 Chest asymmetry usually begins during a person’s puberty. It is very possible that one breast has more response to increased estrogen and growth than another. In most cases, a young teenager may begin to have chest asymmetry immediately onset of adolescence.

 Final words.

 Having an asymmetrical chest is definitely normal and not a curse. It can start to get very noticeable later in a person’s life and they can start to think it’s a sign of breast cancer, especially in women. But without a lover, this condition is completely normal and it occurs in 1 in 3 women worldwide. Chest injury is also scientifically proven and tested to not be a sign of cancer or any other life-threatening diseases.

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