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Vaccine| These are the Side-effects you can get from the Pfizer vaccine imported to S.A | Bad?

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The vaccine for the Coronavirus sometimes causes side-effects which is something typical after vaccination. The Pfizer vaccine which has also been donated to South Africa from the U.S. might cause no side-effects or mild to moderate side-effects.

The Coronavirus vaccine Produced by Pfizer is a two dose vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) Authorized the vaccine for Emergency use In Dec las year, the World Health Organisation(WHO) also Authorised the vaccine for Emergency use. The vaccine has now been approved in 90 countries. The Food and Drug Administration( FDA) had first Authorised the Pfizer vaccine for ages from 16 years and older.

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The vaccine is a mRNA and works by granting instructions to the cells which causes the Immune System to Produce Proteins which are found on the coronavirus which causes the coronavirus disease. The Protein Antigen which the the immune system produces creates the ability for the body to fight against the infection of the coronavirus. The simplification of the seeming complex process is that, the vaccine is a type of a fake coronavirus designed to cause the immune system to destroy the coronavirus if it infects you.

The vaccine does not contain the virus and can't cause an infection. Further more the mRNA vaccine does not contain the capability to alter the DNA inside the cell, this is because it is a transient molecule which does not have the potency to penetrate the nucleus which is where the DNA is.

However the vaccine mRNA does have side effects which has been outlined by the FDA and CDC. The mRNA vaccine have been studied for years, but they had never been approved for use.

The typical Pfizer vaccine Side Effects are:






Joint pain


Swollen lymph nodes.

Besides side-effects people who have been vaccinated also reported redness, swelling and pain on the arm which was injected.

However health specialists says that this side effects shows that the vaccine is training the immune system to grant a protective response to the virus.

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The outlined side effects as reported by recipients of the vaccine are said to be prominent after getting the second jab of the vaccine. The reported side effects are mild and dissipate after few days of their appearance.

The rare and dire side-effects that an individual might experience are rash, dizziness, swelling of face and throat, difficulty breathing and rapid heart beat.

The CDC says that these side-effects are very rare and have been reported to 0.001% of individuals who have been vaccinated in the U.S. A couple of ingredients that makes up a vaccine might also trigger allergies.

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