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Here Is how you can lose 4 pounds in one day with this simple drink help

This is how you can lose 4 pounds in one day with this simple drink help!

Have you ever known about "tea diet"? This is a diet with green tea and milk that is extraordinary, the truth is said to cause you to lose 4 pounds in one day! Weight that you will lose will be an overflowing water from your body, so drink plenty of water that day. This is a feasible way to detoxify your body. This is a way to use it:

Diet with green tea and milk

Diet with milk and green tea is the most famous among individuals who need to fit and follow the weight after that. It's not just delicious drinks that eliminate your feelings of longing, but at the same time fantastic to purify and detoxify the whole body.

Only one day with milk and green tea, you can lose from 1 to 4 pounds of heavy (which is really overabundance fluid in the body).

This diet must be saved for a day, and only twice a month.

If you have a constant disease, your PCP advice can you do this diet.


* 5 liter low-fat milk,

* 2 tablespoons of natural green tea (not a sack channel)

Bubbles and afterwards chill milk up to 70 degrees (this is important - the milk should not be warm, it must associate with 70 degrees), add 2 tablespoons of green tea. Close and let it represent 20 minutes. After, just strain and drink.

Drink one cup like a needle. It is also prescribed to drink plenty of water during the day, about one cup of water like a needle.



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