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Homegrown Herbs Can Help You If You Have allergic


Ginger likes warm weather and filtered sunlight.

= Ginge is an anti-inflammatory ,warming herb,stimulating circulation and making the body sweat .It is particularly good for hay fever ,colds,coughs and chills.Use in an infusion (powdered ) or decoction (fresh or dried roots ).


Echinacea is a delightful plant ;bees and butterflies love it so much and its strikeing pink flowers ,last throughout summer .Grow in full sun and well-drained soil.

=It contains Polysaccharides which enhance the immune system ,relieve pain,lessen infla-mmation and have antiviral and antioxidant propertiers.To lessen hay fever , regularly drink a devotion made from the roots.

=For those who suffer from allergiecs,spring is a time of sneezing ,red itchy eyes sniffly noses and blocked sinuses .Using herbs can ease these reactions.


Thyme a hardy and unfussy perennial ,bears pink and purple flowers in summer.Is best when is hot ,dry climates ,but grow happy through rainy ,sunlight ,drained soil.

=A daily influsion help treat asthma ,hay fever ,sinus congestion,colds and coughs


Stinging nettle prefers semi-shade and grow easily in any soil .spread and can become invasive if not controlled .

=wear gloves when working with it -its not called stinging nettle for nothing!!

=Nettle is natural antihistamine ,rich in Vitamin C and minerals

=Drinking an influsion regularly boosts our immune ststem and rids the body of toxins ,helping to reduce allergies and rashes.

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