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“The Govt Should Declare Vaccine Compulsory And Enforce Compliance” — Health Officer

A deputy vice chancellor and a health officer said that everyone must be vaccinated if this country must conquer the omicron Coronavirus variant. The man subsequently warned all anti-vaxxers to stay away from his timeline. He wrote, “South Africa should respond to Omicron with the following policies:

1. Mandatory vaccination

2. Boosters for vulnerable groups

3. Rapid Covid-19 antigen tests

4. Compulsory case isolation, contact tracing & quarantine

5. Measures to combat airborne transmission

What else?”. The government is planning that everyone should be vaccinated to ensure that the country defeat Coronavirus. The omicron variant is said to be resistant to the present Covid-19 Vaccine, but facts are still being collated. This is why some countries placed a travel ban on South Africa until facts about the omicron is established fully.

The man warned all the people posting anti-vaxxers videos on his Twitter handle to desist, saying that they are not virologists. He is visibly angry with those who are discouraging people from taking the Covid-19 Vaccine through the propaganda and conspiracy theories circulating on social media. He wrote, “The next time you want to bring videos on my timeline to peddle anti-vax agenda, remember that Virology is not your lane. I told you that it's better if I don't respond, you pursued. Yet, you're more fragile than you realise. Try to stay away from Virology if you can help it”. He is urging people not to listen to those people who are against the vaccine, declaring that vaccines save lives. He categorically stated that if not for the vaccine, the virus would have done a lot of damages in the world. The government is said to have engaged the services of popular social media influencers to help convince, encourage and motivate people to go and get vaccinated as soon as possible. But, the government of Botswana revealed that the omicron variant was found among their fully vaccinated citizens.

Another doctor who is championing the cause of compulsory or mandatory vaccinations said that the vaccine does not have any side effects whatsoever, “There are no vaccine side effects due to underlying lung diseases. Whether you have airway diseases(asthma, cold), TB, pulmonary embolic (blood clots) or any parenchymal disease (lung tissue), it is safe to vaccinate. There are no lung related contraindications”. 

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