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It's Been 12 Months Since My Brother Stopped Smoking Drugs, Rehab Helped Him

It’s been 12 months since my older brother stopped smoking drugs, Rehab really helped him. This is completely something that is commendable to the members of public because he has managed to achieve something which is very difficult to do, most people just give up as soon as they try.

He has managed to make his family proud – these are the kinds of stories that many people look forward to because they put them in a position whereby they are labelled problems in their families, and this further exacerbates their addiction because they feel like people have given up hope on them.

This is incredibly humbling and exciting for the people of this country to watch on incredible stories like this being made for the members of the public, it is completely incredible to see this change in our society and it shows us that it is never too late to set goals.

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