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Ramaphosa says people must relax amid rising Covid-19 infections

Source: TimesLive

Don't panic. This was a call made by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Saturday night in light of the growing number of Covid 19 cases in South Africa. 

"I contacted the Minister of Health about the virus, and he said, it [Omicron variant] is clearly more contagious than others, but he is surprised at our hospitalization. They say they aren't increasing at the rate they should be. That is, people test positive, but they aren't admitted to many hospitals. 

"That's why we said we didn't have to panic. That's why. It's possible, and it's still being tested and researched. Omicrons are widespread, but they don't seem to lead to increased hospitalizations. Take the courage, "Ramaposa said.

President spoke at a press conference at the Jubilee House in Accra shortly after signing a bilateral agreement with Ghana's counterpart, President Nana Ad Dunkwa Akfoad. The two presidents sternly said that the bans imposed on African countries were "discriminatory." 

Ramaphosa said new variants would be found around the world, "We had to learn to live with the virus. The virus continues to mutate and begins as the first variant. , 2nd and 3rd, 4th. This is a variant and can be up to 10th because it is mutated. Existing ones leave the tool. 

"I can no longer agree with President [Akufo Addo]. He says that the vaccination rate needs to be increased and the developed countries here are very greedy to store and not provide the virus.  "We had to look for a virus everywhere, so we say vaccination is the best defense we have." 

Ramaphosa told the leaders of a country banning travel from South Africa. Many calls were made and then the decision was made as the virus spread around the world. 

"Omicron incidence exists in many other countries and is no longer limited to southern Africa. I basically say that these countries travel and allow our economy to return to normal. They say they should stick to what was agreed in the G20 to open up the tourism industry. Pharmaceutical measures. 

"When people travel the world, they should be tested-and they are positive on the test. If so, they should be isolated. This is an accepted practice. "

Ramaphosa said," The bans imposed on South Africa and the countries of South Africa are completely unscientific and completely unacceptable. Therefore, I hope for a positive reaction to his request for the immediate lifting of the ban. 

He thanked the countries visited in West Africa (Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, and soon Senegal) for their solidarity with South Africa. 

AkufoAddo states: This particular virus has been found all over the world. The fact that African countries must comply with these special measures is an indication of the fraud determined by countries around the world. " people must continue to comply with Covid19 measures and strengthen their vaccination programs," he said. 

"We have to continue, we can't abandon the guards, we can't loosen, and we make it clear to people that the virus is still there and hasn't disappeared Must be.

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