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Six handy tips to deal with anxiety

Anxiety is our body's reaction to stress and is something that everyone experiences , at some point of time in their lives , but when we begin to experience intense anxiety on a daily bases , it can hinder our ability to function productively and can even affect our health. If you are experiencing constant anxiety l do advise you , to talk to a psychologist or a mental health professional about it. Apart from this , practicing some of the tips I listed below may help you out.

*Don't forget to get regular exercise , don't sit idle for extended periods of time. Studies have found that regular exercise can lower stress to a large extent . This is due to tue release of endorphins in the body, you don't necessarily have to work out at the gym to de-stress. There are large number of activities to choose that include yoga, running or dancing. Taking a brisk 10 minutes walk when we are extremely anxious , can help calm down those nerves to a large extent . Exercising or walking before bad also helps tire us out in turn improves our sleep patterns.

*Practicing deep breathing is sure a way to relax your mind and body during times of anxiety, just breath deeply you will calm . This is because deep breathing indicates to the brain that there is no imniment threat and to that it can calm down.Apart from this deep breathing also helps lower blood pressure levels, increase circulation of oxygen, helps the muscles to relax and helps in the release of endorphins.

*People have reported that practicing mindfulness has helped them relax during times of stress , and also approach the problem so that it can be solved instead of trying to escape from it. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by many conflicts that life throws at us , so practicing meditation can help us calm down , and isolate each thought individually enabling us to focus our energy into resolving one thing at a time.

*If you want to permanently deal with your anxiety, it is important to get to the bottom of what might be the cause of it . Spending some alone in peaceful reflection may help us identify, the root cause of anxiety. Once you are aware of the cause for your anxiety , you will be able to deal with it better.

*Some of us may want in our effort to be recognised and accepted by everyone around us, forgetting that we have to prioritize ourselves and act with ourself interest in mind . As a result of this some individuals end up taking on more than they can handle , which may lead to stress and anxiety. Understaning our individual limits and learning to put ourselves first , in certain situations can go a long way in countering anxious feelings.

Content created and supplied by: Judyne Nikita (via Opera News )


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