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"Today marks exactly 2 months self harm free" _ one shares

Depression is one of the world's silent killer, it has driven many people to suicide without showing signs.

Depression is a very common disease worldwide, with an estimated 3,8% of the world population affected, approximately 280 million people globally in the world have depression.

It is a very serious mental condition, people who suffer from depression are affected differently, many who are affected by it, find it very hard to live their daily lives and also struggle with their feelings and emotions.

The sad thing about this mental condition is that at its worst, it can be very dangerous and could lead to suicide. Over 700 000 people die to suicide every year.

Many people who suffer from depression do so many things to deal with it, there are a number of people who harm or hurt themselves physically using sharp objects including the knife, razors and scissors.

A young man named @Lebogang Monye shared a picture of his hand on Twitter, that was covered in scars of being cut by something that looked like a razor, with the caption below:

"Today marks exactly 2 months self harm free"

He also shared that he is proud of himself for reaching 2 months.

2 months is progress, if he stays consistent he will overcom. Wishing him luck on his journey to healing.


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