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Staying true to yourself.

Trust the process of healing. Trust in the grace of Hope hold on tight to her and whatever you do don't lose your faith , the ability to see again to stand up when you fall hard. Don't give up! Life is for fighters for it a tough bastard therefore have your boxing gloves ready .

Believe in yourself , trust yourself and understand change is inevitable so learn to adapt. It's all about survival but at the same time savouring the moment. Self loves gives room for self expression. Strengthen your mind.

Yes you can have a drink or two but don't let it become a habit. Let's change our ways and be better people . It is achievable , it is do able to be righteous individuals in society , still human but more kind and nice to the world . Life is too short to shut yourself out , live , participate you are part of the team . Learn and utilize platforms and relationships. Monopolise where you can for profit , think outside the box , be brave and we'll spoken. The moment your let ears listen you will see life in a different light.

Love , love yourself , your family for this life is the one you got so appreciate the moment to be a part of it , by trying not to forget the stars whilst chasing the moon. Be in the present moment and live , be real , your true self got a one life , live it right .

Patience is another beautiful princess all humans must know. Patience in life is very much important cause things don't just happen overnight you have to put in the work , the hours and the dates aside to focus on the task at hand . Patience does pay, don't be so hard on yourself , take it easy for as long as you are at peace all is well, don't lose Hope , don't feel low remember the power of patience protects us for self harm due to the frustrations of life . What l am saying is do allow depression to rule you. When you look at life optimistically you will realise how wonderful it is there enjoy. Have patience you day if bliss shall come .

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