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Beware Of Fake Soft Drinks Being Sold At The Township | OPINION

Now that we are living in time were each an every second person has started a small business for themselves After a lot of people have lost jobs early last year when the world was ambushed by the deadly covid-19.

It seems like some of them who have just recently joined the whole business field have brought some bad vibes in the field which needs everyone to be very watchful of what they consume.

For example take a look at what has been observed in the the township lately.

The drink on the right is fake.It is allerged that some people are now running some underground factories where they manufacture such stuff cheap instead of stocking them at the rightful factories.

Although it is only the faking of soft drinks that has been caught so far that doesn't mean that all other stuff that we consume e kasi is safe and reliable.please do make sure that you observe what you consume and do see to it that you stay away from stuff that are extremely cheap with the intention of saving because nobody really knows how bad this faked foods can affect your health.

Now that we only live once we should by no means test the waters with the lives we have.Share the article to spread the awareness.

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