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Sad: the new world order has officially arrived


As the days keep passing, we are urging closer and closer to a future that we once feared with all our hearts.

At the beginning of the lock down, the President took to the podium to announce that no one will be forced to take the vaccine jab if they did not want to, but unfortunately today that stance has completely changed. According to various reports emerging from the CBS news network, Ottawa will be unveiling Thursday details about a proof-of-vaccination system for international travel – commonly known as a vaccine passport.

Source: is said that South Africa are among the top numerous countries that are working on synthesising a tattoo that will alert the officials to show as to weather an individual is vaccinated or not vaccinated, so as to avoid people misplacing their vaccination passes or passports and having to apply for new ones each they are planning to go out of the country or into certain stores and cruises.


What puzzles many people is that even when they have vaccinated before going out of the country, the law requires them to test again- which could mean that the vaccines are not being used to save lives but rather as an experimental drug

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