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Warning| Signs Of a Covid-19 4th Wave Are Confirmed As SA record It's Highest Cases For November

Date: 21/11/21



The country's worst nightmare has been the return of another coronavirus wave of Infections. South Africa has undergone three ways of infections since the pandemic started, with each wave being worse than the one before.

Back in October, the Department of Health of South Africa said in November they might see a start of a new wave which could be the worst the country experiences in 2021. On Saturday evening, it was confirmed that there are signs of the start of the fourth wave.


Health experts and the Department of Health have stated that over the last few days the cases of infections have been steadily rising. This is after South Africa recorded one of its highest number of cases in October on Saturday the 20th of November.

All of this goes to show that it might be a start offer a new wave. Almost 900 new infections were recorded on Saturday and this is very alarming because not so long ago the country recorded cases less than 20 in a day. When compared to that you can see that the cases arising.

Below is the comparison of the number of cases each and every day for the past 3 days. What we can see is a steady rise in the number of cases which is why the Department of Health has sent a warning about the fourth wave.




Some believe that it is way too early to say that the 4th wave is starting but if one can remember correctly, it's always when it is calm that a new coronavirus wave starts. We have seen it with the second wave and also seen it with the Third Wave.

South Africans now need to be more vigilant than ever as it seems the festive season will be spent indoors trying to prevent themselves from catching the coronavirus. It is not known if the president might decide to take the country into level 2 but that could be an option.

What is your take on the matter? Do you believe this is a start of a new wave?

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