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Good News to People Who Don’t Want To Be Vaccinated As The Commission Of Gender & Equality Did This


Ever since the vaccination programs started, there have been people who have been in denial about taking the vaccine for many different reasons. Most of these reasons were triggered by the conspiracy theories that people share on social media about the side effects of vaccines. Many people have taken it to social media to complain about their body changes after being vaccinated. This has planted a huge fear in those who haven’t been vaccinated.



Following all that, there are companies that have been threatening to fire those who didn’t vaccinate because they claim that they are putting the lives of those who have been vaccinated at risk. Many people were forced to get vaccinated because they were afraid of getting fired. Even in public entities, people are required to take out a vaccine certificate as a ticket of entry. For example, The Limpopo MEC of Health was once grilled for violating human rights after she stated that those who have not been vaccinated will not be allowed to enter public hospitals because they endanger staff lives.Even universities are arguing that students will not be permitted to enter university premises without proof of vaccination.



Following all that, there’s good news for all those who don’t want to vaccinate as the commission for gender equality sent a strong warning to companies and other organisations that are forcing or threatening people to vaccinate. The Commission says mandatory vaccinations don't supersede the constitution of this country, which means that if you don’t want to be vaccinated, you have full rights to do so. No one must be fired because they didn’t vaccinate. The same applies to students. There is no institution of learning that must do mandatory vaccination. Students have a right to education whether they are vaccinated or not. See the released warning below:




Finally, human rights are being taken seriously. Many people were not happy about the mandatory vaccine because everyone had their own reason for why they didn’t want to be vaccinated. The commission must also fight for those who were forced to vaccinate against their will due to violations of their rights; these people must be compensated, and the companies must account.


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