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Covid-19 finally brings good news in our fight against HIV that has been around for decades. Read

I am not a conspiracy theorist but even I was tempted to believe this story after a while. Science tells us that the coronavirus came from an animal at a food court in Huhan in China. Bur not much is said about the how and the why.

The world moved with speed to try and develop a vaccine for the deadly virus. Three leading vaccines are now coursing through the vains of millions of people across the world.

Now for the good news, following a similar technology used to create a vaccine for the coronavirus, Modena is currently trying to create a vaccine for HIV. HIV has been around for decades and has taken many lives.

Nations spend billions of dollars on medication for HIV, but still there is no cure or a vaccine. With this new technology our bodies will be trained to develop antibodies that may be able to deal with many variants of HIV that causes AIDS.

Although we have lost thousands of lives to Covid-19 this news is a consolation price at least.


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