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How To Tell If You Have An Indica or Sativa Before You Smoke It

How To Tell If You Have An Indica or Sativa Before You Smoke It 

If it looks like the Kush, it’s probably an indica. Determining if it’s an indica or a sativa before toking a strain is a huge cannabis challenge. Hybrids have made characteristics between indicas and sativas very blurred. It’s much easier to tell the difference between indica and sativa when they’re still growing because the characteristics are more pronounced in the living plant. 

However, most of the marijuana you’ll come across will be an indica-dominant hybrid that creates a sedate kind of stone. This is because most cultivators agree that indicas are easier to grow and are faster finishing. Generally speaking, indicas are fatter, denser and smell less exotic. Most indicas won’t stink up a room when the stash jar is open. Sativas are leaner looking and can be slightly wispy but will stink up a room real good when grown correctly. Remember that because hybrids have become so commonplace, the best way to tell is to sample the weed. 

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