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Top ANC member tested positive for covid-19 Top ANC member tested positive for covid-19 After getting vaccinated 3 months ago.

Minister Motsoaledi tested positive for covid-19 and he is fully vaccinated, this has come to SA attention that even though you are fully vaccinated you can also be affected by the virus but it will never be strong just like when you are not vaccinated.

Many people are afraid they do not want to get vaccinated, however, it is possible that people gets vaccinated anytime soon since the president has made it mandatory.

This comes as scientific work to understand the new omicron variant which the world health organization has dubbed a variant of concerns.

The national corona virus command council is meeting on Saturday to discuss development and the growing numbers of Covid-19 infections.

However since the covid-19 pandemic has raised its number of infections,the president has announced some lockdowns restrictions.

The hospital has announced that the ministry is in very good condition, taking a jab by minister will also help that the virus will not be stronger. Because he is fully vaccinated.

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