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The 52 year old women who looks 25 years old.

Age is just a number, that's what most people say and believe in, but age is the determining factor for everyone living on this planet we call earth. Some people seem like they do not age, and for some, it is the total opposite of that, some people seem to age fast as compared to people the same age as them.

Aging faster or slower can be determined by someone's life choices, for example, if someone drinks alcohol and he/she does not have a proper diet, well there is a likely chance that, that particular person might just age faster compared to his/her peers.

Well, there is one American lady who has beaten the test of time, Rolonda Rochelle is a 52-year-old American, who broke the Internet last year when she posted her photos on the social media platform Twitter.

people were left in shock when they came to find out about her age. Rolanda looks very young for age and that has left people thinking, how she keeps looking so young for someone who is 52 years old. It seems she has made the right decisions that had to do with her health and well-being.

People seem to age faster these days and children seem to grow up so fast, and we should be a little concerned about the food that we as the human population consume, the food that we mostly consume has some form of growth-enhancing mechanisms and we should be a little careful about that,

Most dieticians will recommend that you eat or start eating organic goods, and that is because most organic foods are naturally grown and they do not have the GMO's that the regular food has.

Rolanda is an indication of what it means to age like fine wine, she has shown us all that it is possible to age gracefully.

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