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In Shock: Pfizer Vaccine looses its effectiveness after two months in body

Each and every person felt great after taking Covid-19 vaccines hoping that they've boasted their immune system so that they can be able to stand against Covid-19.

After so many months of waiting for health institutions to discover Covid-19 vaccines, they've managed to produce some and it was in short space of time. With that being good, now after some times people taking Covid-19 vaccines, studies or research are now coming out and some are very disappointing.

Those who preferred Pfizer vaccine, they hoped that it will remain in the body for long with the same effectiveness but now they migbt be disappointed.

Apparently there are now Two new studies which are confirming that the immunity offered by two doses of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine drops off after about two months in human body, although protection against severe disease, hospitalization and death holds strong.

Immunity wears off in 2 months ? even if one had 100% vaxxed, this vax would not stop the spread and transmission of covid. Are we now saying it may “possibly” keep you from getting sicker? What’s the vax endgame?.

This are some questions people are asking themselves right now after the discovery of these two studies.


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