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Cyril Ramaposa gets attacked after his tweet, read what he said

"Vaccine is not only about protecting ones own health and life, it is also about protecting others and ensuring we can soon resume many of the activities that has been restricted in these last 18 months", tweeted the president.

Ramaposa has been urging people to get vaccinated and also urged people to stop spreading unverified stories about the vaccine.

" Dangling carrots before us, thinking we are donkeys. We are not small children, we know our bodies better than you. Stop forcing us, nobody has a right over us. STOP. WE ARE FED UP, SICK AND TIRED OF FALSE NARRATIVES, COERCION, BRIBES, THREATS, ETC, one angrily commented.

" While the doctors have refused, stop lying, vaccinated are getting very sick, back in the days Vaccine meant no way of getting sickness, this one is different", another commented.

" So the so called Vaccine don't protect the vaccinated", one asked.

" Why Russia that produces it's own Vaccine but still experience high number of deaths. America many people have vaccinated but there's no slowing down of virus. This Vaccine is not working", another joined

The president and everyone in power, needs more than just telling people to Vaccinate, they need to be apparent with the people and give them as much information about the Vaccine as they can ,also they must listen to what people has been saying about the Vaccine, those who has vaccinated to be precise.

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