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Good News: If You Are HIV Positive, This Is For You.

Combining treatment for HIV can strengthen a patient’s immune response against the virus even after they stop taking traditional medicines, this is a study that was published in the journal Science immunology that was done at the Amara Lab at Emory University. So it has been discovered that people with HIV can take a combination of HIV medications to decrease the amount of the virus that they have in their body. When taken as prescribed, these medications, collectively called antiretroviral therapy, can decrease the amount of virus in the body to undetectable levels. 

The HIV patient must take antiretroviral therapy everyday so that the virus will be less likely to mutate and become resistant to the drugs. So while that medication is reducing the amount of virus in the body to undetectable levels, it means that the virus can no longer be transmitted. However, the most effective antiretroviral therapy drugs are not able to completely get rid the virus. This is because the virus conceals in immune-privileged areas of the body, such as certain parts of the lymphoid tissue, that are not easily accessible to the immune system to prevent them from being damaged. Killer T cells, which search for and reduce infected cells, are not able to patrol these viral reservoirs that keep HIV. 

Why it matters

About 38 million individuals worldwide were living with HIV. The most important thing that each of these people should know is the fact that if HIV is not treated, it can cripple the immune system and leave the body very vulnerable to normally harmless infections.

What still isn’t known

In order to stop the need for daily antiretroviral therapy is to completely wipe out HIV from the body, but a more achievable strategy is to put the infected cells in check. At the moment, only 5% Of HIV positive people are considered “elite controllers” who can suppress infection without medication.

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Good News HIV HIV Positive Science immunology This Is For You


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