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12 year olds will start getting the jabs from 20 October. As a parent are you ready for that. Read

Our country is on the brink of achieving herd immunity through vaccines. South Africa is proceeding well with the mass vaccination and now many people who are willing have received the jab.

Provinces are at various stages of vaccination for their people, with Limpopo leading the pack. The more people get vaccinated the less the virus will have places to hide.

In September people above the age of 18 were invited to get the jab. Many answered the call while others are still hesitant. Those who are still hesitant are holding the country and economy back.

The minister of Health Joe Phaahla has announced that young people from the age of 12 will from the 20th of October start getting the jab.

Unlike those who are 18 years old, for 12 year olds parents will have to get involved before they can get vaccinated. Parents who are not willing to get the jab may discourage their children.

Children are resilient and brave and will probably be happy to get the jab. Parents will be the ones with uncontrollable fear.

Vaccination can help us get back to normal life and put coronavirus in our rear view mirrors. Life can get back to normal just like in the Western Countries where people visit stadiums in high numbers without wearing any masks.

Vaccinating young people can also help reduce infections. This is because young children tend to disregard rules especially when adults are not around.

This group is also adolescents with hormones flying all over the place. Many are entering woman or man hood which makes their behavior erratic.

Last year our festive season was cut short when the country was put under alert level four on the 28th of December. Many thought it was just a prank especially two days before the end of the year.

Vaccines can help us preserve our festive season. We can also travel and visit various tourism attractions and destinations in the country. After the year we have had we all need time out.


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