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Health department say they have no idea why the test for Covid-19 costs this much

The Corona virus came into the country in March last year, and since then we have seen the virus come in a number of variants, variants that are a huge threat to human beings.

Ever since the first case of Covid-19 was recorded in March last, cases are recorded everyday. The cases of Covid-19 keep rising everyday, there has not been a single day that there were no Covid-19 cases.

This simply means that people get tested for the virus every single day, everyone knows that if you feel unwell and have flu like symptoms, the first thing to do is go to the clinic or hospital. When you explain your symptoms to health care workers they will decide whether the symptoms are enough to get you tested for Covid-19. In public hospitals and clinics, the test is free.

Those who have the means to go to a private hospital, prefer to do so at a cost obviously. The cost of Covid-19 testing is set at R850. 00 per test by some private laboratories.

This price is too high, and it is reported that it is being investigated by the Competition Commission after the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) raised the issue.

In terms of the Law, private facilities are allowed to set their own prices for services they render, but for some reason the government wants the price to be lower because of the huge demand of the services.

The health department says they have no idea why the test for Covid-19 still costs R850 per unit despite the volumes.


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