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Mzansi Disturbed By How Prof Abdool Karim Predicted the 4th Wave And New Variant In August

Date: 28/11/21



South Africa is now busy talking about the new coronavirus variant and how it is affecting the people. Ever since it was announced a couple of days ago, people have been speculating that it is planned and what is happening now is something that they wanted to happen. One of the argument is how come it was all quiet during the elections and now it is coming back. An old article on the prediction of the fourth wave has surfaced and the country's shocked at how accurate it was.


While South Africa has been arguing whether the fourth wave and the new variant is real, someone looked at an old article where Prof Abdool Karim, who is an expert in infectious diseases accurately predicted what is happening now. In the article he stated how the fourth wave is likely to start somewhere in the beginning of December and a new variant would be the one pushing the fourth wave.

As the country gets closer to December and they see what is happening they come to realise how closely accurate this prediction was and they believe it could have been planned. Below is the article as shared on social media.


One thing that people do not understand is that science has the ability to do such predictions. Using the previous data and the previous behaviour of the virus, these people are able to see that a new variant is going to come and how it will behave. I don't truly believe that this whole thing is staged or fake. If you take into account that the virus is spread by human beings you will know how human beings behave when it comes to the festive season. This was easy to predict that during this time more people will interact and the virus would likely spread more and mutate.

What is your take on the matter at hand? Do you think that this whole thing once planned or the use science to accurately guess when South Africa will experience the fourth wave?

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