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OPINION- Eat these things to improve your drive.

Avocado is one of the best natural drive enhancers, it provides fat that are necessary to clean male sperm hence providing nutrients effective for fertilization.

Licorice helps with the energy and longer libido and sex drive. It gets you excited for long. Making your stamina one for the books.

Oysters provide minerals and hormones that act as oestrogen and Progesterone enhancements. They also increase libido but most importantly increases the passion.

Chocolate is nice in the mouth but generally chocolate makes you want it, it makes you excited and willing to start immediately. It also helps generate testosterone which is a male hormone that keeps men excited.

Chilli peppers are there to add spice, make things interesting and keep you wanting more.

Try these at home and see what it does for you, infact back and tell us what it does for you. Your bedroom Performance will never be the same.

Don't let yourself and your partner down with bad tlof tlof.

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Avocado Chilli Progesterone


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