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Don't throw away sperms, they can generate you money, check how.

People were left shocked when someone of the Twitter shared a price list of how much a person can generate from donating or legal selling his or her own organs.

We have been knowning about the transplant but without paying much attention on what could be the payments behind the organ donor.

Transplant is a medical operation in which an organ or other part is removed from the body of one person and put into the body of another person. : an organ, piece of skin, etc., that is transplanted. : a person who has moved to a new home especially in a different region or country.

On the list of organs that one can sell, there was a price tag of sperms. Many people do through away the sperms not knowning that they can generate them money.

On the price tag which shared, people don't have to waste their sperms because it can generate them R1200 per cubic of sperms. It is not only sperms that one can sell but also hairs, heart, lungs, kidneys and other.

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