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Check Out A Lady Brag About Her HIV-POSITIVE Status

Check Out A Lady Bragg About Her HIV-POSITIVE Status


A Lady left Zandile stunned after she bragged about her HIV status. We ate living in a world where it's no long a secrets to be HIV positive. In clinics people are always encouraged to come open to their partners so that they do t get to mtiply the diseases.

A lady who has been identified as Doreen Moraa has left mzansi stunned after she took it to her social media page where she revealed her status. The was brave enough that she does not care about the gossip of people who always find it funny that people who are living with HIV/AIDS are living with chronic disease. Being HIV is better than having chronic disease because the chances if coming alive when it living with chronic illness.

I know there are other people who are scared of taking the ARVS for some reasons that only them know. Trust me if you decides not to take your ARVS you are killing yourself. Someone I know died and left her husband because when the husband tells her to drink her ARV she ignored him, she died unexpected. She was eve afraid to go the clinics because she laughed so many people who are HIV NEGATIVE.

The lady here has encouraged everyone who sometimes thinks k that they can just give up because they are staying with things inside their house. The lady took it to LinkedIn were she explain to her fans how this name came to live. She was once of those people who take the medication and later stop taking g until she realized that she needs her ATVs too much. She explained how she stopped taking ARV for two years after she got sick. She was like you of being ignorant that this disease will not kill you. Trust me it does and I've seen many people who got killed because of HIV/AIDS .

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