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Hospitals have not had Covid-19 patients for weeks now. The reason for this left everyone in shock

Our hospitals have not had Covid patients for weeks now. Great news. We can prevent the next wave, please vaccinate. We are fortunate to have access to vaccines. There are million who have succumbed to the disease because they did not have access. Prevention is paramount.

What explains empty hospitals and falling numbers when since the 3rd wave up to today parties are addressing large gatherings.Howbcan it be that the effects of these gatherings are no longer evident after 14 days but after 2 months

many people are very stubborn to the vaccine issue, but who I'm I to force people do what they don't want to? Mina I'm fully vaccinated and in December I will visit only those that are vaccinated, without it, I'm not visiting them.

I hope we as SAns keep that momentum. In USA there was that period after the massive covid-19 drive, hospitals were covid-19 patients empty then admissions began again with more than 95% being the unvaccinated. I hope we learn and vaccinate.

Covid cases never filled up bed space, it was alcohol related injuries, hence the consistent bans on Alcohol.

The waves are predicted months in advance, nothing anyone does changes the arrival date of the waves once Ramaphosa & false prophet Salim Abdool Karim decide on the date.

Are people testing? Are they going to hospital or rallies? Only now that we have people suffering from change of season flue, we haven't had that for a while. 

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