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Grievance for a long period of time is abnormally unhealthy

Sometimes we people undergo through the toughest situations in their lives, and some contains secrets to be unfolded. Some looses some speech when those problems occurs. While some individually can't take it when that happens. Some struggles to win or cope concerning the outcome. Especially when it comes to grief, families can't handle the situation. Even when some are worth of sharing, but they hide their true reflections.

Some grief by caging themselves alone and some hide behind close doors just thinking that they will be okay. Some handle grief crying all the times, and they can't explain the process. Some goes to see therapist for help and some avoid staying over the crowds for cheering their minds.

Those we love and care for are the reason we fall apart when noticing that something had happened to them. Some plays a huge responsibilities for their loved ones. And it becomes a hard road to handle such recovery when bad things takes over. When handling the situation please be out other box to be heard, so that you walk freely through an understanding.

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