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Do this and you will be able to heal any disease, The famous prophet tells it all

Many people have started to become sick, particularly in the summer season. Many people experience different types of diseases due to the heat of the sun and the ups and downs in temperatures during the season of summer. Many people complain about headaches, runny tummies, colds and flu. And nowadays, during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are also scared of contracting the virus. One

South African prophet revealed on his Twitter account that the reason why many people are sick could be caused by a lack of meditation. Many people spend their time on social media platforms and other digital devices throughout the day. People nowadays no longer have time to pray or have a normal conversation with family due to the high usage of electronic devices.

People should meditate in order to completely heal any disease.The prophet literally gives a recommendation for meditation as a way to heal any diseases that a person could be experiencing. According to the prophet, if a person could just meditate, he or she would be able to heal any disease that he or she is suffering from.

The famous prophet's followers agreed with him that indeed, meditation had really helped them to clean themselves. Others have also recommended people who do not know about it to start watching YouTube videos to learn how to do it.



That's according to the famous prophet's recommendation, not from medical expectancy. People should do it out of conviction and should not force other people to do it if they do not believe in it. Medical experts have recommended meditation to people, but it is not proven that it can heal all diseases. However, since belief is very strong, people should do what really works for them.

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