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Please lord heal Our mother. Your humble prayers are needed.

In most time we don't create time to visit our friends family members. but once they are gone for good that's when we make time to attend their funerals. and required all the time that we did not spare to let them know how much we love them.

Violeta is a biological mother of these beautiful daughters she has been sick for a long time and her condition becomes worse daily. she has painful lumps in her head that grow and cause headaches. they do not know what causes the lump on her this age, these children cannot take it watching their mother going through all this pain.

it is the reason why they keep crying and always seeking a person who can treat their mother which they both failed. they stay with their mother and father. however, the father is always at work trying to find food to provide for her family. In that case, these two young girls have to take care of their mother since the father is at work most of the time.

this hurts them when they hear their mom calling for help. Violetta's condition started when she was pregnant and after giving birth her condition begin to be started with a sore throat and after her neck started to swell in a month.

she the lumps started forming in her head and her husband and children took her to the hospital, where she was told she has to go through surgery.

however, her family condition could not allow her since they are not financially stable. her husband helped her with 3 months old baby who is currently 8 years old. they decided to sell their home and pay for the surgery. they managed to pay for surgery and she went through surgery but the outcome was not so good.

since the doctor reveals that some of her body parts were damaged through the surgery. however, she spent two years without feeling any pain and thought everything was over.

her head started to paint and she had these lumps growing again, this time they became huge and she had no money to go for another surgery. they don't have a place anymore they stay in a rented room.

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