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The business industry has been urged to introduce mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies


South Africans have shown worries about the whole vaccine rollout and they’ve been hesitant to get their jabs. This has now affected the government plans in terms of meeting their daily targets of people getting the COVID-19 vaccines before the festive season. By the looks of things, it seems like the government has slowly run out of ideas when it comes to getting the bulk of the citizens vaccinated without a break of a sweat. Now, Business for South Africa (B4SA) has revealed one of their suggestions that might help the government reach its vaccination targets. As they believe that the only way that South Africans can get vaccinated is when the business introduces mandatory vaccination policies and incentives. 

As that will help the country alleviate the high spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and also, they will achieve their national year-end target of 30 percent. Even though the government stated before that it will not force anyone to take the jab, but it cannot stop businesses from making vaccines mandatory within their workplaces. On top of that, the government will have to increase its media campaigns and invest in businesses and influencers to push the narrative of getting vaccinated before the end of the year. “In our view, a combination of mandatory vaccination policies, as well as incentives, are going to be necessary alongside the demand generation communications and mobilization campaign to get as many people as possible vaccinated,” said the chairperson of B4SA, Martin Kingston talking to the media this week.

When he was asked about the rights of the people, as it seems like they’ve been compromised to push the COVID-19 mandate. Kingston stated that he doesn’t think there’s a possibility of people’s rights getting violated since both employers and businesses have rights. Their main objective is to create a healthy space for everyone, hence the mandatory vaccination. “Employers and businesses too, have rights, as well as a legal and moral obligation to provide a safe workplace and safe services to customers,” said Kingston talking to the media.

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Date: 14/10/2021

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