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OPINION | Making vaccination complusory is part of taking away of our human rights

making vaccination complusory is part of bullying to workers. Vaccination for what after they said this new variant omicron can't be prevented by these vaccines? Omicron is not caused by people that are not vaccinated. To hell with this compulsory vaccination, now he is making preparations for his downfall, if this is implemented, blood will be spilled in SA, remember my words. So what they going to do if people dont want to vaccinate, arrest them? Prisons are already overcrowded. What I want to know is those people who took Mhlonyane and now they are well, did health experts investigate the results of traditional medicine, this government must enforce multiple solutions not just Push for Vax

He must come with his soldiers if they want to put that injection on my body this is my body and I will decide what I do with it, I'm not getting vaccinated finish and klaar. Ramaphosa has already made a U-turn on his word: "Vaccination 8s not compulsory!!" Now he's just made it compulsory at 97.99% by suggesting that certain areas will be mandatory to vaccinate. What's the secret behind this Vax anyway?. This is not funny anymore and I wonder under who's payroll is our government under. We must wake up South Africans and fight against this nonsense. It would have been better of Ramaphosa spoke about serious issues the country is facing like unemployment, than to focus on the vaccine. Trying to force Sans to vaccinate wont end well, Mr President stay away from that, we got more people who are starving than people who need the stupid vaccine. There where more than thousands when they where campaigning and in elections time, now that they are finished there is corona virus and forth wave why. Another trap he saw how furious people citizen are and he still going to see flames should he come with mandatory vaccine

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