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Living In The City? This Weekend Park City Workout Will Help Prepare Your Body For Summer

City life can be a drag sometimes with the everyday hussle and bussle of the city streets. The streets are always filled with noise from car hooters and music from the club on a daily and nightly basis. People are so busy walking up and down all day and eating junk food which is unhealthy for your body. Things are so busy that one could soon forget about taking care of themselves. The reason why city peoples bodies are so unhealthy is because of their daily habits and stresses. I know that you are not spoilt for time but you can make two to three hours on Saturday and Sunday to think about your body. Summer is on the way and everyone is looking to be rocking the new trends in very nice bodies. Well I have a workout routine that is perfect for you. You must just find a few other people who can also spare that time on weekends. Form a workout group that meets up at a stipulated time in the park. You don't need heavy machinery to get a good workout in, just bring your yoga mats and bodies. Arrange yourself into rows and start with a soft stretch, slowly take it up to a hard one. Strengthen your whole body and stretch as hard as you can. Put a leader in front whos actions you can follow, start by doing sit ups to flatten that stomach and strengthen that core. Do a set of 50, wait for everyone to finish and move on to the static jog. A static jog is when you run in place, perform the static jog for atleast 20 minutes. Then we can move on to the squats, squats are very good because they strengthen your Thighs and tone your buns at the same time. They also help Flatten that jelly stomach as well. End the day with a set of 50 jumping Jack's, you will be very tired at this stage so do them in sets of 10 each. Stretch at the end of your day and prepare for the war on Sunday.

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