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Why do people who have vaccinated against corona virus die too? Something is not right (OPINION)

Why do we have to live like this? When we go to the malls or any other public space we are coerced to wear masks, sanitize and practice social distancing. It is because of a pandemic called Corona virus that the world no longer is the same as it used to be. Gone are those days when people used to live normal lives, when hugging one another was also not a big deal. Nowadays we cannot even hold hands because we might contract corona virus if we do.

I sighed deeply after the vaccines were found. I thought everything would go back to normal, but I guess I was just deceiving myself. An influx of people still die day-by-day even those who received their corona virus jabs. It seems even vaccines are unable to save us from this cruel disease.

Only if people who did not vaccinate were the ones passing on, it would be fathomable, but because even those who have received the jabs die too, it means something is not right.

According to my point of view, there is a lot regarding the deadly corona virus that we are not told about. The vaccines have side effects that are unbearable, but that is a bit understandable. What is not is the rate at which people who have vaccinated are passing on.

One can allegedly say this mortal disease and the vaccines were invented by ogres who work for the devil himself to lessen the number of people in the whole wide world. The world was struck by serious diseases before and the vaccines were devised, but it was never like this.

Corona virus might be a way for the evil people to make more cash. The saddest part is that they make money at the expense of other people. The only one who can help us is the most high, God. Pray people.

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