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Why Power Naps Are Important

Sleep is generally divided into two main categories: Rapid Eye Movement(REM) sleep and non rapid eye movement(NREM)or sleep. It is easy to differentiate between these two types of sleep as each one is characterized by a distinct set if neurological and psychological features.

REM Sleep

REM sleep is characterized by quick uncontrolled eye movements along with a decline in muscle tone.

NREM Sleep

In NREM sleep there is very little or no eye movement and there is also no muscle paralysis as in REM sleep.

Sleep Cycles

When a person first settles down to go to sleep, they are still wide awake, alert and aware of their surroundings.

Power Naps Vs Long Sleep

A power nap is a short sleep that does not last through all the stages of a sleep cycle. This short nap is generally used to revitalize a person as it supplements normal sleep time.

Power naps have an obvious advantage in the contest of Power naps vs sleep , it is essential that an individual experiences a certain amount of deep sleep every night

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