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Good and bad news for all vaccinated people

After last week's shock revelation of the Omicron variation, the uplifting news shared on Monday could offset the awful news… 

Assuming we could pick one banality to sum up the COVID-19 pandemic, we'd settle for 'you need to take the harsh with the smooth' – and that appeared to be the subject of the Health Department's most recent presser on Monday. SA's top clinical specialists gave us a report on the Omicron variation, and a more clear picture is simply beginning to arise. 

Similarly as with any new variation with an enormous number of changes, we will get a few hindrances. Salim Abdool Karim, Joe Phaahla, and a few virology specialists were available to make this perfectly clear today. 

The specialists pummeled the worldwide travel boycotts slapped on South Africa, and required a finish to 'automatic responses' when new variations are found. Omicron has the world watching out for potential threats, yet has the frenzy been advocated? 

Indeed, we get it's a touch more nuanced than any of us initially thought… 



We should begin with the terrible news, get it out the way, and afterward have the uplifting news for dessert, will we? Educator Abdool Karim trusts that there will without a doubt be a degree of 'insusceptible departure' from Omicron. 

Since the variation is so diversely changed, the body might battle to distinguish Omicron as a COVID infection. That implies more individuals will be powerless against 'reinfection' assuming they experience this new strain. 

"Essentially more youthful individuals are getting contaminated, for clear reasons: Younger individuals are less immunized. So you will see more cases there. There's some proof, fundamental all things considered, that we can see that the transformations that happen and may present some degree of insusceptible getaway from it. So we can expect that we might see more reinfection." 

Salim Abdool Karim 


Be that as it may, the 10,000 foot view stuff is considerably more consoling. 

As per Abdool Karim, it is as of now expected that the antibodies 'should hold well' against Omicron, forestalling instances of extreme infection and passing, as they have finished with past variations. 

The possibility that immunizations could forestall broad transmission of COVID-19 was obliterated by the Delta variation. The point of the game, taking everything into account, is to keep our medical clinic beds and funeral homes vacant. 

Taking a gander at the early proof, it appears to be the immunizations will make a nice showing of that… 

"In view of what we know, we can expect that this is the logical situation that the antibodies should hold well, as far as forestalling hospitalisations and serious infection. We comprehend that various immunizations may respond diversely and various degrees of assurance against especially gentle diseases." 

"In view of the conduct of different variations, we can expect that we will see high viability for the avoidance of COVID-19 hospitalisations and passings. In any case, we want an additional a month or so to get the information on this."

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